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Tomorrow, May 26, 2016 from 11 to 12 o’clock you have the possibility to apply to our specialists on a hotline phone number. You can call us on 0800300545 to communicate directly with specialists from the Ukrposhta’s General Directorate.  

Create a postal museum with Ukrposhta

  From 1 July to 30 November 2016 Ukrposhta conducts nationwide campaign “We create a postal museum”.   The new cultural object will be located in Kiev. It reflects the history of the Ukrainian Post, its tradition as an integral … Детальнiше

Special cancellation of an envelope in Khmelnitsky region

  A directorate of Ukrposhta in Khmelnitsky region together with the Khmelnytsky State Archives realized a special cancellation with the envelope dedicated to 650 anniversary since the first written mention of the name of the village Black Island.  

Ukrposhta creates opportunities for the development of small-scale and medium businesses

  Ukrainian online stores can conveniently and profitably deliver products to their customers to Kazakhstan. Since June, the National postal operator of Ukraine «Ukrposhta» introduced the delivery of items from Ukraine to Kazakhstan via «consignment». This is an opportunity for … Детальнiше

Urgent money transfers via Ukrposhta

  Ukrposhta offers to transfer money orders by the post office. Since April Ukrposhta reduced the price on sending urgent money transfers among all computerized post offices.   The cost of this service is only 1% of the amount, but … Детальнiше