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(Українська) До 85-річчя Донецької області

(Українська) До уваги філателістів!

(Українська) До уваги філателістів!

The Ninth Issue of Definitive Postage Stamps “Coats of Arm of Cities and Villages of Ukraine”

(Українська) IX випуск стандартних поштових марок незабаром у поштовому обігу

(Українська) Спецпогашення «Любомир Гузар. 1933-2017. «Моє велике бажання – бути людиною»

Postage block “Mykyta Kozhumiaka”

(Українська) Спільний випуск Україна–Болгарія «Чорне море»

Joint issue «Ukraine–Slovenia–Austria–Hungary–Croatia»

Postage stamp “Jamala”

Postage Stamp “25-th Anniversary of Ukraine-US Diplomatic Relations”

(Українська) Обрано кращу поштову марку 2016 року

The Eight issue of definitive postage stamps of Ukraine

Новорічна поштова продукція

До Вашої уваги Укрпошта пропонує наступну новорічну продукцію:

Future special cancellations

Special cancellation of an envelope in Khmelnitsky region

  A directorate of Ukrposhta in Khmelnitsky region together with the Khmelnytsky State Archives realized a special cancellation with the envelope dedicated to 650 anniversary since the first written mention of the name of the village Black Island.  

The exhibition of stamps of the UPU member countries: USA, Canada, France, Belgium

  In a central Post office of Kyiv you can visit a stamp exposition of countries-members of the Universal Postal Union, which gets under Ukrposhta cultural exchange program among postal operators.   Stamps – it’s a great opportunity to learn … Детальнiше

Ukrposhta prepared to release a stamp in honor of the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro

  In honor of XXXI Summer Olympic Games “Ukrposhta” in cooperation with the National Olympic Committee of Ukraine prepared to issue a postage stamp, envelope and First Day cover dedicated to this event.  

An exhibition at the General Post Office

  We invite you to get acquainted with the culture of Europe at the exhibition of philatelic production. In the General Post Office there is a stamp exposition of the countries of the Universal Postal Union.   Now there is … Детальнiше

An emission of postage stamps “Kiev Princesses on the thrones of Europe”

On May 27 will issue the Kiev Princesses on the thrones of Europe stamp. The stamp will go on sale nationwide May 27, 2016.   – № 1500 “Anna. 1032-1075 “; – № 1501 “Malfrid (Malmfred). 1095 / 1102-1137 “; … Детальнiше

Ukrposhta released special stamp “The National football team of Ukraine”

  To support our national football team you have the opportunity to buy the stamp and set the special commemorative stamp “Football”, which will operate throughout the championship.   In addition, all the fans will have an additional opportunity to … Детальнiше

The announcement of the nearest cancellation

  May 26, 2016 we invite you to special cancellation “Norilsk uprising. 26.05-04.08.1953. 05/26/2016. Kyiv, 01001″.The Norilsk uprising was a major uprising of the Gulag labor camp inmates in Gorlag.  

(Українська) Поштовими марками Ватикану та Ізраїлю Укрпошта відкриває експозицію марок країн–членів Всесвітнього поштового союзу

(Українська) Укрпошта випустила серію поштових конвертів із зображенням Свято-Михайлівського храму села Карасин