In all departments Ukrposhta You can make Money in Ukraine in local currency to the address or on demand. Use the service for sending urgent mail order only possible in post offices, in accordance with the following guide.

Urgent money orders:

Go to the nearest post office, which provides services for sending urgent translation. After the transfer of the administration to inform the recipient in his name translation, numbers on AU “EFT”, the amount and location of possible production. For sending urgent mail order in addition to the suggested price charged UAH 10.00. (Excluding VAT).

Timing of delivery of domestic postal transfers:

Money orders sent in Ukraine using the telecommunications network, so to forward translation, the following terms:

  • 3:00 for the passage of mail order from reception venues, equipped workstation “Send and receive electronic transfers” to the place of payment, equipped with ARM “Send and receive electronic transfers”;
  • Up to two business days for the passage of the output (input), mail order / from the postal facility, unframed ARM “Send and receive electronic transfers” to / from the postal facility, equipped with ARM “Send and receive wire transfers.”


Tariffs for domestic postal money transfer:

The amount transferred:


Up to 250 UA

6,50 UA

More than 250,00 UA

8,00 UA + 1%

Urgent Money Order – in addition to tariffs

10,00 UA

Grouped money orders:

If you want, send five or more postal money you need to make a list grouped by postal transfer form f.103-1.

The fill list f.103-1:

List f.103-1 (д.1)

Requirements for electronic form lists grouped by postal transfer form 103-1 (д. 2) (attachment)

In case of return of transfer payments to the address of the sender’s return transfers may be paid in the register of postal orders (д. 3).

Additional amenities when sending money orders:

– Notice of receipt of posting, postal order (rates are exclusive of VAT);

Out notice, UAH. 8.00

– A written message addressed to a recipient.

Notification of delivery mail order can be transmitted through:

  • recommended by the notice;
  • e-mail
  • SMS.

At the request of the recipient shall be sent to the territory of Ukraine for the payment of post offices in the new location. Chambering the transfer is carried out in accordance with the regulations.

According to the decision of the National Bank of Ukraine dated 15.11.2011 № 400 “On approval of the list of types of operations, cash and settlement services, which, in accordance with sub-paragraph 196.1.5. 196.1 points. Section 196, Title V of the Tax Code are not subject to taxation “, registered with the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine on 7 December 2011 to number 1410/20148 from 01.01.2012, the cost of services for delivery of domestic and international postal money orders are not subject to value added tax.