“Ukrposhta” provides international simple translations, international wire transfers, including urgent orders and international orders COD.

Transfers in national currency:

When receiving international postal order in local currency:

  • individual COMPLETE f.115, Application for transfer of cash (for international urgent translation);
  • entity COMPLETE f.115 or list f.103-1.


When forwarding international transfer cash on delivery COMPLETE TFP3.

The completed form together with the international postal postal operator to present a passport or other document which it replaces.

International money orders are accepted in local currency and paid in all postal facilities.

Use the service of the international forwarding urgent transfer is possible only in post offices, in accordance with the following guide. (Reference Guide HMO offering domestic urgent orders)

Transfers in foreign currency:

For sending international wire transfers in foreign currency you must complete the Application for transfer of cash and present postal operator passport or substituting it.

International wire transfers in foreign currencies are accepted and paid in the selected objects of postal service in accordance with the following guide. (The attachment).

In U.S. dollars are accepted wire transfers destined to Russia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Moldova, Belarus, Uzbekistan, and Tajikistan;

In the euro – addressed to Armenia, Estonia, Lithuania, Spain, Poland, Croatia, Latvia, France, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Hungary, Portugal, Slovakia, Greece, Romania, Georgia and Turkey.

Exchange of international transfers are simple:

with Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Georgia, Tajikistan, the Czech Republic, Belgium, Slovakia, Portugal, Turkey and Bulgaria.

Exchange of international wire transfers are:

with Russia, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Moldova, Belarus, Estonia, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Spain, Poland, Croatia, Latvia, France, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Hungary, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Greece, Georgia and Turkey.

International exchange of urgent translation is:

with Azerbaijan and Moldova.

Exchange of postal items by cash on delivery:

– In the bilateral direction:

with Latvia, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Russia, Tajikistan, Georgia and the Czech Republic;

– In the direction of Ukraine:

with Slovakia and Germany.

Tariffs for international money transfer:

The transmittal of the international mail order from the sender will be charged in local currency, depending on the amount of the conversion in tariffs.

The amount transferred Tariff
Up to 500 UAH. 6%
More than 500 UAH. 1000 UAH. 5%
More than 1000 UAH. 2000 UAH. 4%
Over 2000 UAH. 2%
Minimum charge 1 U.S. Dollar

Additional services when sending international mail order:

– A written message addressed to a recipient.