USEPC “Ukrposhta” offers businesses and organizations of all forms of property co-operation on the implementation of various types of cash payments by postal order (salaries, insurance premiums, dividends, alimony, return, etc.).

Money orders in Ukraine is exclusively in local currency. Accepted for transfer from businesses to the individuals or demand in all postal facilities and a corporate website the company online. Money orders sent in Ukraine with the domestic payment system “Postal.” Money orders may be common and urgent.

Shipping Domestic money orders are specified according to the postman address at no additional charge. In the absence of the recipient at home, payment of domestic mail order is a postal facility at the place of service.

Money orders are accepted for legal entities delivery after receipt of funds for transfer, and pay for their shipment. Sending postal orders can be carried out with the conclusion of the contract with a legal entity for sending money orders and without.

Additional amenities when sending money orders:

– Return receipt mail order (rates are exclusive of VAT);

Out notice, UAH. 4.10

– A written message addressed to a recipient (not more than 10 words or 254 characters).

Notification of delivery mail order can be transmitted through:

  1. recommended by the notice;
  2. e-mail (when the transfer via the Internet);
  3. SMS-messages.

Tariffs for sending domestic postal money transfers:

Amount for transfer


Up to 250 UAH inclusive

6.50 UAH

Over 250 UAH

8.00 UAH+1,0% of the amount

Urgent postal transfer (additional fee)

10 UAH

Terms of sending internal postal transfers:

To forward postal transfers within Ukraine, the following terms are valid:

– 3 hours to go through the postal transfer between automated postal facilities;

– up to two working days to pass outcoming (incoming) postal transfer between automated and non-automated postal facilities.

For fast transfer of funds (15 minutes) within Ukraine there is a service of urgent postal transfer.

PLEASE NOTE! Acceptance and payment of urgent trnsfers are possible only at the postal facilities listed here.

The sender of urgent postal transfer informs himself the recipient about sending him the transfer and provides the necessary information for receiving the transfer (transfer number in the database of the Wire Transfer system, transfer amount and the post-office of possible transfer receipt).

Terms of internal postal transfer storage:

In case of impossibility of transfer payment to the recipient, the postal transfer is stored at the post-office of destination within one month from the date of its receipt.

The terms for storage of domestic postal transfer may be extended for additional fee up to two months from the date of postal branch office receipt according to the written request of the sender / recipient.