In all departments USEPC “Ukrposhta” You can make a grouping of Money in Ukraine in local currency to the address or on demand.

Number of money orders in the same list can be up to 40.

To send five or more postal money orders, make a list grouped by postal transfer form f.103-1.

To receive a postal money in objects postal entity list f. 103-1 is applied to the magnetic and paper.

The fill list f.103-1:

List f.103-1 (Appendix 1)

Requirements for electronic mind list grouped by postal transfer form 103-1 (Appendix 2)

If the transfer is not paid by the recipient, their return to the address of the sender can be paid in the register of postal orders (Annex 3).

Additional amenities when sending money orders:

– Return receipt mail order (rates are exclusive of VAT);

According to a notification of receipt, Rs. 4.10

– A written message addressed to a recipient (not more than 10 words or 254 characters).

Notification of delivery mail order can be transmitted through:

  1. recommended by the notice;
  2. e-mail (when the transfer via the Internet);
  3. SMS-messages.