For publishers

Dear publishers, we invite you to advertise your publications in the “Press Releases Catalog of Ukraine for the second half of 2021”, which has nearly 1400 editions of newspapers, magazines, books, directories, electronic publications, and in the catalogs of local periodicals of Ukraine.

Unique benefits for you
  • Access to millions of subscribers — the prepaid directory is located in each of more than 10,500 post offices throughout Ukraine, on the website of Ukrposhta and SE “Press”.
  • Ability to distribute the prepaid catalog on the bases of legal entities of Ukraine.
Features of the catalog
  • Sections: “Newspapers of Ukraine”, “Journals of Ukraine”, “Books, reference books, etc.”, “Electronic publications”.
  • The publications are arranged alphabetically.
  • The names of newspapers, magazines and books are accompanied by annotations or a list of their thematic orientation and contact phone numbers of the editorial boards.

Take the chance to advertise your edition on the pages of the “Press Releases Catalog of Ukraine for the second half of 2021”! Advertising will increase the number of subscribers to your edition!

Умови включення видань до каталогу
Contact telephone numbers of JSC “Ukrposhta”

Directory department:

Tel.: 044 323-21-25.


Contact telephone numbers of SE “Press”

Contracting department:

Tel.: 044 248-78-09, 044 248-04-06.


Tariffs for services provided within the framework of the project “Press by Mail”

Please, note!

According to the Law of Ukraine “On Publishing” and in accordance with the resolution of the CMU as of 10.03.2017 №135 “On Approval of the Procedure for Maintaining the State Register of Publishers, Manufacturers and Distributors of Publishing Products” The necessary document for the conclusion of the contract with JSC “Ukrposhta” for distribution of periodicals and inclusion of publications in the “Catalog of publications of Ukraine “Press by mail“ on 2019 is a certificate of the subject of publishing to the State Register of Publishers, Manufacturers and Distributors of Publishing Products.

You can get acquainted with the terms and procedure for entering the subjects of publishing in this state register on the website of the State Committee for Television and Radio (section “Administrative Services”, section “Conditions and procedure for entry in the State Register”) or by telephone (044) 279 51 56.

Thank you for your cooperation and invite existing and new publishers to arrange the distribution of subscription-based publications according to the “Catalog of Ukrainian Press Editions”.

Priority placing is a service that allows you to place periodicals in post offices as close as possible to customers and potential subscribers. Publications are placed on special racks in the operating room. In total, we have 2,000 units of such specialized equipment in the major post offices throughout Ukraine.

Conditions: Top-40 most popular publications of affiliates are placed on racks for free.

Since January 1, 2021 for publishers/editors who want to promote their publications, the cost of placing one publication at the front is 6,67 UAH/month (excluding VAT).