Delays in the delivery of international mail (updated)

The current status of the situation with the processing of international mail as of January 10, 2019.

Boryspil airport has restored a full-fledged reception of mail for export. Currently, the mail that was received earlier but which was not shipped due to the limited loading capacity of the airport is being processed. Ukrposhta plans to return to standard delivery times by the end of January.

All import mail which was not accepted by the airport during the embargo between December 24 and January 4 is currently arriving in Kyiv and is being transferred for processing.

In order to accelerate the stabilization of the situation, Ukrposhta:
1) has agreed with all partner airlines to increase the daily quota of mail transportation for each flight, additionally up to 30% of the target standard,
2) additional personnel have been involved for all work shifts,
3) the technology of cargo and mail processing is actively involved with the use of private certified handling companies to serve selected import and export flights.

Delays in the delivery of international mail for December, 18, 2018.