Benefits of receiving payments at Ukrposhta:

1. The largest network in Ukraine – about 13 thousand branches, 40 thousand postmen, delivery of social payments to the farthest corners of the country. The specified service is available atin all the postal facilities of Ukrposhta.

2. Government guarantees of payment and delivery to the recipients; payment and delivery of pensions and social benefits is done in accordance with the Law of Ukraine.

3. Convenience of receiving – pension payments, social benefits by Ukrposhta can be carried out as home delivery and delivery to the office for personal receipt or receiving by authorized person.


Conditions of  payment and delivery for pensions, social benefits:

Fill an application to the relevant institutions: the Pension Fund of Ukraine, Labor and Social Welfare. Show your passport or other ID proof at your post office.

When you receive payments by authorization – you need to show power of attorney legalized in accordance with applicable law.

Receive your payment!

How to obtain social payments:

To receive the payment and order the deliveries of pension or social payment, please contact the Pension Fund of Ukraine, the Social Welfare department domiciliary. In your statement on the appointment or re-calculation of pension please note: «виплату мені пенсії (соціальної допомоги) прошу проводити по пошті» and indicate the way of obtaining. You can receive your payments at home or at the post office.

The pension is paid personally to the recipient or another person on behalf authorization in accordance with the law. If you have no possibility to receive payment personally use the payment by attorney or home delivery.

The power of attorney for the pension receiving has to be notarized or certify by the organization where the principal works or studies, it also can be certified by the administration of inpatient medical facilities in which the principal is being treated. Power of attorney for persons who are imprisoned has to be certified by chief of the institution. Orders without specifying the date of the conclusion are invalid.

How to receive payment:

You can receive your pension and social payments in person and by attorney by means of home delivery by the postman or at post office from cash-operator.

One can get payment for funeral with one time attorney directly from the post office, at the postal centers or specially defined postal facilities located at the Pension Funds or at labor and social protection departments the day they arrive by the availability of funds, or during the current month.

Terms of payment:

Pension payments are made every month in the period from 4 to 25.

Social welfare payments are made within the period specified by the labor and social protection institutions.

Delivery of pensions and social benefits at home is free.