Reference / Cash UAH

Withdrawal of cash hryvnia legitimate holders of plastic cards through terminals JSC “Raiffeisen Bank Aval” for a trust agreement № 06-322 from 16.10.2003r.

The maximum amount of cash for one card per day is limited to the equivalent of 5,000 (five thousand) USD / EUR. This restriction does not apply to cards issued by JSC “Raiffeisen Bank Aval”.

USEPC “Ukrposhta” provides for cash hryvnia payment system “Onyx” and international payment systems:

1. VISA.

2. VISA Electron.

3. Eurocard / MasterCard.

4. Cirrus / Maestro.

For cash hryvnia card holder must present one of the following documents:

1. Internal national new passport with a note on propisku/reestratsiyu- for Ukrainian citizens, who permanently reside in Ukraine.

2. A valid passport of a new sample with a registration mark in the consular office of Ukraine abroad – for Ukrainian citizens who reside abroad.

3. Foreign passport and residence permit in Ukraine with a note of registration / registration – for foreign nationals who reside in Ukraine.

4. Registered in the Ministry of Internal Affairs foreign passport with appropriate Ukrainian visa (or visa – for foreign citizens who enter Ukraine visa-free, according to the intergovernmental agreements) for the right to enter and stay in Ukraine – for foreign nationals who are temporarily in Ukraine.

5. Residence permit in Ukraine with a mark of registration – for stateless persons permanently residing in Ukraine.

6. Registered with the Ministry of Interior the relevant documents issued by the State of residence for persons without citizenship – for stateless persons who are temporarily in Ukraine.