Ukrposhta has contributed to the development of regional airports: in addition to Boryspil Airport, mail is now also sent from Kyiv (Zhuliany), Lviv and Odesa

To improve the quality of delivery, Ukrposhta has extended the number of export mail departure points. In partnership with LOT (Poland) and Turkish Airlines (Turkey), Ukrposhta is already dispatching mail from Kyiv (Zhuliany), Odesa and Lviv airports. In terms of passenger traffic, these airports are the biggest in Ukraine, after Boryspil Airport (61%): Kyiv (Zhuliany) (14%), Lviv (8%), Odesa (7%).

The project implementation took almost six months and required the change of Ukrposhta’s model of mail collecting and sorting. Ukrposhta has fine-tuned new processes with regional customs, signed contracts with airports, held new tenders with airlines. Ukrposhta team is grateful to all its partners for their active participation in the project.

“In 2018, Ukrposhta’s import and export operations already made up about 11.6% of the total air mail and cargo traffic of the Ukrainian airports, or even 13.9% if transit operations are taken into account. Ukrposhta wishes to continue boosting its logistics capacity. Now, instead of one, four airports will serve export mail. This will help Ukrposhta to improve delivery quality, to shorten delivery times and to minimize risks of delay in high season, such as during winter holidays. Regional airports will have new additional opportunities for business expansion and for increasing the number of flights,” said Oleksandr Pertsovskyi, First Deputy Director General for Operations.

Boryspil Airport is still a key airport for Ukrposhta’s operations: it performs 32 to 47 flights with export mail every day. Therefore, along with the launch of new departure points, Ukrposhta has started construction works to expand the capacity of its Boryspil operational facility, and is planning to redesign Kyiv Customs station at the Office of International Postal Exchange to reorganize the zones and to make the customs zone bigger.

In 2018, Ukrposhta strengthened its leadership position in the international delivery market and processed 34.4 million international postal items.