Philatelic subscription

Are you collecting or going to start collecting Ukrainian philatelical products? Then use a unique service from Ukrposhta and make an annual subscription for stamps and other philatelical products.

The owners of the subscription are provided with the postage stamps at their face values. Ordered philatelic products are sold at prices set by Ukrposhta. We offer to our regular clients and members of the Philatelic Association of Ukraine exclusive products that will become a special “highlight” in your collection.

Subscription fee in 2021 — UAH 9,00.

You can apply for a philatelical subscription at the branches of Ukrposhta.

Subscription service rules:
  1. The subscription owner is guaranteed to receive postage and other philatelical products during the year for which the subscription is issued, in the amount determined by the subscription.
  2. The subscription is sold only to individuals, not more than one to one person.
  3. The next-year subscription order is issued during November of the current year.
  4. The subscription order made during the current year is executed no earlier than 30 days from the moment of its registration.
  5. A subscription is valid for service if it has the signature of the postman (or authorized person) and the stamp of the calendar stamp.
  6. A subscription grants the right to buy philatelic products only at the post office whose number (index) is indicated on it.
  7. The subscription owner is obliged to buy the ordered product within one month from the date of its receipt for sale, and upon written request — within 2 months.
  8. In case of refusal to purchase the ordered products, the subscription is canceled without compensation to the owner of its value.
The order of distribution of postage stamps and philatelical production