Ukrposhta will deliver "parcels from home" with 70% discount to Ukrainians who evacuated to neighboring countries


From March 11, Ukrposhta will deliver "parcels from home" with a 70% discount to Poland, Romania, Moldova, Hungary and Slovakia, that is, to those countries that host the largest number of Ukrainians who had to leave their homeland because of Russian aggression.


According to the UN, as many as 2 million citizens left Ukraine in two weeks of war, and the number of people who had to leave everything and flee for safety is only growing by the day. Obviously, in a worrying backpack or suitcase there is stuff for two to three days. And how much longer Ukrainians will have to hide from ground to ground rockets and aerial bombs - it is difficult to predict. Therefore, Ukrposhta has negotiated special delivery terms with the post offices of the nearest western neighbors, with a maximum discount of 70%*. So that relatives or acquaintances, if possible, could send the necessary things to those who have left Ukraine.


"We understand that many Ukrainians, who were forced to go abroad in two weeks to escape the war, found themselves in a difficult situation. Many left without the necessary things, even spare clothes. Yes, these items can be partially compensated by volunteers and charitable foundations in countries that host Ukrainians. But a home sweater, a jacket, or some household items, so familiar that you only realize their value when you lose them, can give moral support to Ukrainians abroad. Many people say that they feel confused when they find themselves in another country. For such people, a shipment with their household items, or simply items bought and brought from Ukraine will be a signal that their home, their familiar life, are not left somewhere far away. We have to wait a little longer, and then we can go home again," commented Igor Smelyansky, General Director of Ukrposhta.


At the post office, parcels from home will be posted as ordinary parcels. Delivery cost depends on the size and weight, but for all such shipments Ukrposhta will provide a discount of 70% of the cost of an international shipment.


You can send a shipment both at the office of Ukrposhta and online in the personal profile or in a mobile app of Ukrposhta. To do this, you should specify the type of shipment - international parcel, and the country of destination - Poland, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia or Moldova. You should also fill in the customs declaration.


Recommendations for Customers on filling in the customs declaration CN23 (to be filled in 3 copies):


- It is desirable to fill in all data in English (or Latin letters);

- indicate "gift" in the "Shipment category" field;

- the total value of the package should not exceed 40 EUR (and you should indicate the EUR currency); 

- in the description of the contents you should specify “used personal ___” (for example, dress, jacket);


At present, most offices of Ukrposhta are working as usual. However, in some areas due to military operations it is temporarily not possible to deliver items. Before making a shipment, check whether there are post offices in your area to receive shipments. You can do this by following the link


*Provided solely for the delivery rate, not provided for additional services.