Ukrposhta resumes work: stationary and travelling post offices already operate in the Kyiv region's liberated localities


Ukrposhta in a week since the liberation of settlements in the Kyiv region began to resume work. There are up to 500 post offices in the Kyiv branch. Out of these in the region - more than 300 post offices, including, first of all, it was possible to resume work in Vyshgorod district.

Last week in Vyshgorod district residents of villages Abramivka, Savenky, Dudky, Katyuzhanka, Vahivka, Lubydva and urban-type village Dymer have already received pensions and subsidies in cash. In addition to money, Ukrposhta delivered in its travelling post offices to local residents also humanitarian aid, organized by the heads of local communities with the support of people's deputy Olga Vasylevskaya-Smaglyuk.

"We are doing everything possible to resume work as soon as possible in the most affected areas of the Kyiv region because we understand that people who have spent more than a month in the occupation need our help. For example, the driver of our travelling post office, knowing that there are very few people left in the village of Lyubydva and that there is no store, delivered two loaves of bread to a local senior citizen who lives on the outskirts of the village. She has not seen fresh bread since the beginning of the war. We understand that every Ukrposhta truck that comes to a liberated village or town brings people the most necessary things - cash, food, and most importantly - serves as a link to the world," commented Igor Smelyansky, General Director of Ukrposhta.

Last week, for the first time since the beginning of the war, travelling post offices of Ukrposhta were able to reach Volodymyrivka and Rudnya-Dymerska of Vyshgorod district.

In the Vyshgorod district, there remain 17 settlements where Ukrposhta should resume work. Since April 11, additional teams of travelling post offices began to work to distribute pensions, mail and food as soon as possible.

Work of Ukrposhta resumes in Makarivsky district - from April 11 travelling post offices deliver mail and deliver pensions to residents of 10 villages: Makariv, Kopyliv, Lypivka, Zabuyannya, Kodra, Pashkivka, Fasova, Motyzhyn, Kolonshchyna and Velyka Karashyn.

Also, on April 13, Ukrposhta offices resumed their work in the villages of Chayka and Mikhaylivka-Rubezhivka. With regard to Bucha, Irpen and other settlements of Bucha district, stationary branches are in need of repair because of significant damage.

However, since April 14 one stationary post office of Ukrposhta has already started to work in Bucha district. In the coming days travelling post offices of Ukrposhta will be sent to Buchanskyi district, where you can use postal services, in particular, to get pensions, subsidies, withdraw cash from cards, buy food of prime necessity, etc. Also on April 14, three post offices of Ukrposhta resumed their work in Brovary district.