Ukrposhta resumes work of stationary branches in Bucha, Borodyanka, Makariv, Bucha, Vyshgorod districts


Ukrposhta in Kyiv region provides all the services necessary for residents in travelling and stationary post offices. The company began to resume its work a week after the liberation of settlements in the Kiev region. And on April 29, stationary post offices in Bucha, Borodyanka were added to the list of the restored ones, and from May 3 - in Buchansky, Ivankivsky, Borodyansky, Vyshgorodsky and Makarivsky districts. There are 581 stationary and travelling post offices of Ukrposhta in Kyiv region.

"In Kyiv region, Ukrposhta resumes the work of temporarily closed stationary post offices in turn. Now we start their full work in the most affected by the occupation areas - in Bucha and Borodyanka, and in early May our clerks and letter carriers from the rural offices of Buchansky, Ivankivsky, Borodyansky and Makarivsky districts will already provide services. While the situation in Irpen is somewhat complicated - there are no surviving branches. We will either restore them or together with local authorities find the necessary premises as soon as possible. In the meantime, we deliver pensions, social assistance and other services by travelling post offices. We will overcome everything and the work of all the damaged post offices in Kyiv and other regions will be restored as soon as possible", - said the General Director of Ukrposhta Igor Smelyansky.

From 3rd May in:
Buchansky district 12 stationary post offices resume their work:

  • 08293, Bucha, Tarasivska St., 28;
  • 08104, Myrotske village, Centralna St, 1;
  • 08105, Gorenka village, Ivan Franko St, 125 A;
  • 08113, Petrushky village, Lesya Ukrainka St, 39;
  • 08114, Gorenychi village, Soborna St, 204;
  • 08122, Shpytky village, Pokrovska St, 5;
  • 08296, Vorzel village, Kurortna St, 25;
  • 08298, Kotsyubynske village, Dokivska St, 9;
  • 07832, Babintsi village, Travneva St, 6;
  • 07840, Pylypovychi village, Privokzalna, 10;
  • 07850, Klavdiyevo-Tarasove village, Centralna, 5;
  • 08062, Pashivka village, Centralna, 5.

Vyshgorod district 15 stationary post offices resume their work:

  • 07300, Vyshgorod, Naberezhna St, 6Г;
  • 07301, Vyshgorod,. Shevchenko Sq, 2;
  • 07302, Vyshhorod, Sholudenka St, 6 В;
  • 07330, Dymer village, Revolyutsii St, 1;
  • 07335, Demydiv village, Fastova St, 2;
  • 07341, Zhukin village, Shevchenko St, 27;
  • 07342, Pirnove village, Taras Shevchenko Ave., 24;
  • 07350, Gavrylivka village, Holy Trinity St, 58;
  • 07352, Lutizh village, Liberators St, 62;
  • 07353, Stari Petrivtsi village, Prince Svyatoslav St, 13;
  • 07354, Novi Petrivtsi village, Svyato-Pokrovska St, 220;
  • 07360, Lebedivka village, Soborna St, 14;
  • 07361, Nyzhnya Dubechnya village, Myru Ave, 50;
  • 07362, Novosilky village, Centralna St, 9;
  • 07363, Khotyanivka village, Sadova St, 14.

Ivankiv district: 1 stationary post office resumes its work:

  • 07201, Ivankove town-type village, Ivana Proskury St, 56.

Borodyanka district : 4 stationary post offices resume their work:

  • 07801, Borodyanka town-type village, Centralna St, 240;
  • 07802, Borodyanka town-type village, Pryvokzalna St, 6;
  • 07820, Pyskivka village, Filipova St, 4;
  • 07822, Mygalky village, Heroes of Ukraine St, 50.

in Makariv district: 15 stationary post offices resume their work:

  • 08070, Novosilky village Kucherenka St, 5;
  • 08072, Byshiv village, Kyivska St, 47;
  • 08011, Zabuyannya village, Independence St, 44-Б.

Other offices of Makariv, Borodyansky, Ivankyvsky, Polissky and Vyshgorod districts are serviced by travelling post offices.
As previously reported, information about the work of Ukrposhta post offices is updated daily on the official website of Ukrposhta. More details about the work of the post offices in a particular locality and their work schedule can be found here.

Ukrposhta, which is now the largest among banking and logistics companies in Ukraine, works throughout the state, except for the temporarily occupied territories with work schedules adapted to the current conditions. Depending on this, up to 5,000 stationary post offices operate daily and nearly 1,300 mobile post offices travel to the most remote villages and regions.