Postal administrations of European countries will issue postage stamps with the topic "Peace is the Greatest Value of Mankind" at the suggestion of Ukrposhta in 2023


Postal administrations of European countries will issue postal stamps in 2023 on the topic "Peace is the Greatest Value of Mankind". This decision was taken at an extraordinary meeting of PostEurop directors. The topic of the annual competition for the best postage stamp of Europe 2023 was changed at the suggestion of Ukrposhta.

Back in the early days of the war, Ukrposhta turned to PostEurop with the initiative to change the topic of Europa postage stamps in 2023 from "Underwater Flora and Fauna" to "PEACE is the Greatest Value of Mankind". After all, the postage stamp is another way to draw the world's attention to the topic of the war in Ukraine.

As decided by PostEurop, the previously selected Europe stamp topics for 2023 and 2024 will be moved to 2024 and 2025, respectively.

Mainly, European postal administrations are taking part in the competition.

Colleagues from various Posts around the world are already expressing their support for Ukraine through postal miniatures. In particular, Estonia, Poland, Lithuania, Austria, and Croatia have already issued stamps in support of Ukraine.

In particular, on March 24th, the Estonian Post - the first among other countries - issued the postal stamp "Glory to Ukraine". Estonian postal operator Omniva notes that about 20,000 stamps were sold in a month, with 50,000 copies issued.

On March 25, Poland Post unveiled the "We are with you!" postage stamp and envelope as an expression of support, respect, and solidarity in the fight for Ukraine's freedom and independence. The stamp had a circulation of 3 million copies and has already been distributed to all post offices in the country. The stamp includes an envelope with an image of the Independence Monument installed on the Maidan in Kyiv. Through stamp sales, Poland Post helped refugees from Ukraine, as well as those left behind to defend their country from Russian aggression.

On March 31, Austria Post introduced the "Together for Peace (Gemeinsam für den Frieden)" postage stamp. With this stamp with an additional denomination, the Austrian postal service will support the victims in Ukraine. The face value of the stamp is 1 euro for delivery within Europe, the additional face value of 2 euros will be given to the organizations "Neighbors in Need" and UNICEF, which are partners in this postal issue. The stamp has a circulation of 200,000 copies.

On April 12, the Croatian Post Office is issuing a postage stamp in support of Ukraine "ZA MIR U UKRAJINI" ("For Peace in Ukraine"). The stamp features a blue sky and a yellow rapeseed field symbolizing the Ukrainian flag. The stamp is published in an edition of 30 thousand copies. An envelope has also been issued to accompany the stamp.

The Lithuanian Post has announced the winner of the competition for the best sketch of a postage stamp for the defenders of Ukraine's freedom. The stamp depicts two people embracing, reproduced in blue and yellow colors. These embraces symbolize support for Ukraine. This postage stamp will be issued on May 6 in an edition of 40,000 copies. The stamp is charitable. Its face value is €1, but the price will be €2. Part of the proceeds from the sale of the stamp will go to the Mėlyna ir geltona (Blue/Yellow) Foundation.

Thus, the postage stamp has become another message to the world about the support of the Ukrainian people, who courageously defend the freedom of their country every day.