Ukrposhta has issued the final postage stamps of the "Russian warship..." series


On May 23, especially for Marine Corps Day, Ukrposhta put into circulation postage stamps "Russian warship... IS DONE! Death to Enemies!" with a denomination of F for mailing within Ukraine and "Russian warship... IS DONE! Glory to the Nation!" with denomination W for international shipments.

Stamp sheets are represented by 3 postage stamps and three coupons. The coupons reproduce the image of the first postage stamp "Russian warship, go...!", allowing in the dynamics to trace the history of the Russian cruiser "Moskva" and its inevitable finale. Also on the stamps, except for the name of issue, the date 14.04.2022 - sad day in the history of the Russian fleet - is fixed in the mourning frame.

The solemn special cancellation of postage stamps "Russian warship ... IS DONE!" in the capital was held with the participation of the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky, the Commander of the Ukrainian Navy Rear Admiral Oleksiy Neyizhpapa and General Director of Ukrposhta Igor Smelansky.

"Things like this stamp are, above all, symbols that help us believe in our victory. That we will definitely win this war, and the occupant will go down. People's interest in these stamps is proof of that. I am convinced that we will have many more such symbols of victory," - said President Volodymyr Zelensky.

"Today's issue just happens to be on the 40th day that the Russian warship reached its destination, not without the help of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, of course. This is our way of congratulating the Ukrainian Marines on their professional holiday and philatelic way of putting a period in the story of the greatness of the Russian Black Sea Fleet. Since the Ukrainian military already did it in a military way in April. This time we increased the circulation of stamps up to 5 million copies, which is a record for the Ukrainian art postage stamps. It was made especially for those who didn't manage to buy the first postage stamp with the Russian ship, for them to have an opportunity to buy a new stamp with a coupon, reproducing the plot of the first issue", - commented Ukrposhta General Director Igor Smelansky.

Also special cancellation ceremonies "Russian warship... IS DONE!" were held simultaneously at main post offices in the regional centers of Ukraine. In Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts, ceremonies were held in Kramatorsk and Lysychansk, respectively. Stamps of Crimea, the cities of Kherson and Sevastopol, where at present it is impossible to organize special cancellations, are attached to the city of Kiev.

The total circulation of postage stamps "Russian warship ... IS DONE! - 5 million pcs. At the same time the circulation of stamps with the nominal value of F - 3 million copies, with the nominal value of W - 2 million copies. The "First Day" envelope, an unstamped art envelope and a postcard were issued to the stamps. The author of the drawing of stamps, envelopes and the postcard is Borys Groh.

Postage stamps "Russian warship... IS DONE!" will be sold in more than 1500 post offices of Ukrposhta. 1.5 million stamps will be sold at the Ukrainian and international Internet sites. There will be a limit on the sale of stamps: 2 stamped sheets, 5 envelopes and 5 cards for one order. Besides stamps with actual ship's position, envelopes, cards, T-shirts, sweatshirts, magnets and also a number of earlier issues of Ukrainian postage stamps will be available for online ordering. Some marketplaces have a charitable component for stamp orders. Part of the money from each purchase will go to the account of the KSE Foundation, which will donate it to help the AFU, infrastructure restoration projects, delivery of humanitarian goods, etc. It will be possible to order stamps and branded products through Ukrposhta online store. The site provides an option for charitable donations, so that every customer who wants to help the AFU could do it.

Online sites for purchase of stamps and other branded products will be available from May 24, which will be announced in due time.