The winner of the vote for the sketch of the postage stamp "Good evening, we are from Ukraine!" was inspired by the work of Ivan Marchuk and Anatoliy Kryvolap


Ukrposhta announced the winner of the popular vote for the sketch of the postage stamp "Good evening, we are from Ukraine". She is the graphic designer and art teacher Anastasia Bondarets. She is now independently mastering a new direction in the media art of digital art. The contest from Ukrposhta was the first one where she sent her work done in this direction of media art.

"Every wartime postage stamp is special and we are sure that the new issue will be just as special and will find its connoisseurs. And as we see there are millions of them now and millions of circulations of art postage stamps is a record not only for Ukrposhta, but also for the world philately. We hope that the postage stamp "Good evening, we are from Ukraine" will be as much in demand as previous issues. Last time 8 thousand Ukrainians voted for the image of the stamp, this time over 834 thousand. I wish the winner after a successful start in the competition from Ukrposhta new victories and interesting works in digital art", - said the General Director of Ukrposhta Igor Smelyansky.

The artist came across an announcement about the contest on Twitter by chance, seeing an article by Ukrinform, and became interested. And when she read the topic, the idea of "tractor" troops immediately appeared in her head.

"The very title "Good evening, we are from Ukraine!" it is inspiring. And I, like the rest of the world, was struck by our agrarians, because for the first time in the history of world wars agrarians help the military. And this tractor, dragging broken enemy equipment to be repaired and put into service for our military, is an allegory for how every Ukrainian is doing his or her best, to the best of their ability, to bring our victory closer. Everyone matters now. I'm a relative novice in digital art, I didn't expect anything at all when I submitted my work, much less to win. I just wanted to bring my idea to life, and the fact that so many people liked this idea is really an honor for me," says Anastasia Bondarets about her idea.

She says that she has long been fond of the works of Ukrainian artists, particularly Ivan Marchuk and Anatoly Kryvolap, and apparently their influence is also reflected in this work. It took about two days to complete, thanks to the fact that the artist immediately decided on the most important thing - the idea, composition and colour.

Anastasia Bondarets used to take part in all-Ukrainian exhibitions, art projects and was a quarterfinalist of the international art competition "Tears of Happiness" from Oxford University when she was painting. Now she has been mastering digital art for several years.

The postage stamp "Good evening, we are from Ukraine!" reproduces real events that took place in the Mykolaiv region: a Ukrainian tractor pulls an abandoned Russian tank. This is the sketch that won the most votes in the social networks of Ukrposhta and the DIYA app. More than 340 thousand Ukrainians voted for the tractor sketch. Second place was taken by Roman Chalyi's sketch with a soldier stopping the main aggressor and war criminal, third place by Yurii Sosnytskyi's sketch with an AFU soldier and Kalush Orchestra vocalist, and fourth and fifth places respectively by Anastasia Kvitka (work with goose) and Nato Mykeladze (work with rooster). In total the Ukrainians gave almost 834 thousand votes for the sketches.

The postage stamp "Good evening, we are from Ukraine" will be issued in July with the circulation of 5 million copies, 3 million of which - with the par value for domestic postal items and 2 million - with the par value for international postal items.