Get publication for every taste from more than 12 thousand items from our catalog! Delivery subscriptions carried out in all villages of Ukraine. Read the electronic version of the catalog here ( )

and optionally subscribe online.

How to subscribe:

Contact the post office, the Postal Holy or the post office, fill out the subscription and payment of services.

Payment is made in cash or by bank transfer.

A subscription with the current edition of months included in the “Catalogue of publications in Ukraine”, held:

– In the regional centers and the cities of Kiev to 10 numbers;

– In other areas – up to and including the 5th day of the month preceding the subscription.

Conducting subscriptions local publications (regional, city and district) in each region is provided in the terms defined by the contractual relationship between publishing houses, editorial (oriented by the 25th of each month).

Forwarding subscription

– At the request of the subscriber periodical may be forwarded for delivery to a different address;

– To make forwarding subscriber should contact the post office, which delivers subscriptions.


Cancellation of subscriptions can be made:

– At the initiative of the subscriber, because of its reluctance to get drawn editions;

– At the initiative of the distribution, if a subscriber with a change of residence (or other reasons) are not forwarded subscription or does not receive it directly to haul facility for one month;

– At the initiative of the publisher in the event of a release of print publications.

Dissemination of periodicals at retail :

In objects postal markets a wide range of print media at retail – up to 300 titles of publications in a post office.

For editors (publishers) of periodicals by subscription and at retail for distribution through a network USEPC “Ukrposhta” periodicals nationwide distribution areas should contact the GP “Press”, the regional (local, regional, urban) areas of distribution – in contact subscription respective branch “Ukrposhta”.