In branches Ukrposhta You can get money orders from international payment systems MoneyGram, Western Union.

Terms of the transfer

To receive the transfer for payment systems You should:

– Have a passport;

– Provide postal operators transfer control number, if necessary – the answer to the security question;

– Sign the form on the “receiving” and you will get money.


If you want to transfer in the currency, he should arrive at post offices by a part (no cents).

Money transfers in rubles, not accepted.

Payment system MoneyGram

Paying cash remittances from the international payment system MoneyGram is in USD and Euro in postal facilities according to the following directory (attachment) personally recipients, in some cases, a third party (by proxy).

For MoneyGram money transfer recipient, addressed to postal object must be notified by the shipper on the amount of money the transfer certificate (registration) 8-digit number and transfer, with a reference question to answer for it.

For remittance must have a passport.

MoneyGram Transfers are valid for 45 days. After this period it becomes inaccessible to the recipient.

Telephone Call-Center 0800 508850

Payment system Western Union

Payment transfers made in postal facilities “Konvi” according to the following directory (attachment) in U.S. dollars in rubles and in Euro.

For remittance recipient, addressed to the department must present a passport.

Transfers from the international payment system “Western Union”, valid for 30 days from the date of shipment. After this period, the transfer is not available for the payment recipient.

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