Providing postal services PJSC Ukrposhta (hereinafter referred to as Ukrposhta) adheres to the principles of confidentiality and inviolability of the information received from customers of Ukrposhta. Ukrposhta provides safeguard warranty of the information with restricted access and protection of personally identifiable data of the postal service users (hereinafter referred to as User), including when using Ukrposhta official site, mobile applications, application programming interfaces (API) and applications, payments and remittances via payment systems etc. (hereinafter referred to as Services).
Confidentiality Policy (hereinafter referred to as Policy) is aimed at public informing of the Users about procedure of collection (processing), storage, transfer of personally identifiable data and information provided when rendering Ukrposhta services. Using Ukrposhta services, the customer accepts all rules and conditions of the Policy. Before using the services please read the Policy.

Purpose of processing of personal data

The purpose of processing of personal data is provision of the services.

Personal data collection

Personal data is any information or set of information about the User that is identified or can be specifically identified.
Non-personally identifiable information is any information that is not linked to the particular service User. Personally-identifiable data processed by Ukrposhta covers contact data provided by the Users when using services (surname, name, patronymic, phone number, email etc.) that is used for payment of Ukrposhta goods and services; tracking numbers and status history of the postal items etc. The information is received when the customer uses the services, including via Ukrposhta site, mobile applications etc. The data is transferred voluntarily by the Users to give opportunity to Ukrposhta to perform its service obligations.
Non-personally identifiable information is used solely for generating statistics and improving the services, including informing the User about new services. In particular when using mobile application these are OS version, approximate location of a mobile device if the User agrees personally to the geolocation use, IP address of the device, date and time of authorization in the application (APP).

Use of information

The information received by Ukrposhta is used for:
– creation of the account by the User;
– provision of the service or feature that was ordered by the User;
– contacting the User for communications about personalized unique selling propositions and special offers of Ukrposhta;
– evaluation and analysis of the market, clients, products and services provided by Ukrposhta;
– efficient customer service;
– provision of upgrading and technical support of the services, including the APP on User’s Device;
– any other objectives within the scope sufficient for quality provision of the services

Transfer of information to third parties

Ukrposhta transfers the information received from the User within provision of the services to third parties for proper performance of its obligations for these Services. Ukrposhta sharing of the personal data without consent of the User or his/her authorized person is allowed in the cases defined by law and only (if any) for national security interests, economic well-being and human rights.
Protection of confidential information and User`s information
Confidential information, personally-identifiable data and non-personally identifiable information is stored on internal equipment of the Company. The access to the equipment is restricted in accordance with the information security regulations and provisions of Information Security Policy of PJSC Ukrposhta.


The adequate action has been taken on Ukrposhta site to protect the information but please be noted that absolutely secure and error-free way of Internet data transfer does not exist. Ukrposhta is not responsible for functioning of the servers, Internet access service providers, third party’s operations, through fault of which the access to the site might be blocked or restricted, lick of information might be possible through fault of third parties as well as disclosure by the User of his/her personal data, including authorization data on Ukrposhta site, in mobile APPs, application programming interfaces and applications. Information placed on Ukrposhta site is protected by current law that governs the right of intellectual property. Creation of multiple copies, translation, creation of records, copying to other electronic means of the information placed is prohibited.

User`s rights and obligations

User has a right to receive information about procedure of processing of his/her personal data as well as other rights defined in Part Two of the Article 8 of the Law of Ukraine ”On protection of personal data” dd. 01.06.2010 No.2297-VI (amended) (hereinafter referred to as Law). User undertakes in particular but not limited to:
– not to engage in the actions aimed at misleading other Users;
– not to let third parties use their personal data;
– not to perform gathering, classification, storage, processing or divulgation of personal information of other Users;
– not to make efforts to gain access to personally identifiable data of other Users by any means, including, but not limited to, fraud, misuse of trust, deciphering of authentication and identification data.
If the User signs up on Ukrposhta official site, in mobile APPs, application programming interfaces and applications in and on behalf of third parties, in this case giving this consent the User confirms that he/she has an adequate scope of authority to perform these actions, including in relation to provision on their behalf of the permission to process personal data on the conditions listed above as their authorized person (father, mother, foster parent, etc. and other persons set out in current law).

User`s consent

In accordance with law to obtain the services Users agree to processing of their personal data for Ukrposhta services.
By signing up on Ukrposhta official site, in mobile applications, application programming interfaces and applications the User confirms that he/she knows the conditions of this Confidentiality Policy, specifically the purpose of processing of personal data set forth in this Policy and rights granted to personal data subjects in accordance with the Article 8 of the Law and use of personal data by Ukrposhta by ticking the box “I agree to the Confidentiality Policy”.

Additional information

Ukrposhta reserves the right to make changes to Confidentiality Policy. if you might have questions regarding Confidentiality Policy, please send an email to