In the colorful world of new ideas, creativity from time to time there are very many interesting facts that can bring people together regardless of their age, sex, and even your country of residence. This “hobby without borders” can be called a hobby of millions of people in the world – mail exchange art cards “Postkrosinh.”
The main purpose of the authors of the project is that any inhabitant of the planet thanks to the Internet can choose a random destination and send him a postcard colorful traditional “live” email. Get a little work of art and also a reflection of the postmark of another country – a real gift for all lovers of art postcards and stamps. Moreover, neither the sender will not remain without such a gift in return, because the system operates on the principle “you sent – and you have sent.”
Thus the usual hobbies into a global cultural mission – the participants are immersed in the world of art masterpieces, which are artistic postcards, and know a lot about different countries, but also in a way collect very interesting collection, which will eventually become Philatelic fair value.
Ukrainian State Enterprise of Posts “Ukrposhta” supports the idea of “Postkrosinhu” and urges everyone to get involved in this program. Become a sender and recipient both very simply registering on the website www.postcrossing . com and acquiring the post office postcards and stamps, you can send cards at different addresses in any country of the world.
So everyone who join in this educational project is an opportunity not only to get the original mailings from other countries, but also convey useful information to foreign destinations unknown about Ukraine.
For more information about the social network “Postkrosinh” and the rules and conditions can be found on the web portal Ukrposhta ( ).
Become postkroseramy and know ye the world!

Tips for Use
– To join the project, you must purchase postcards and stamps for mail forwarding overseas, have access to the Internet and e-mail;

– Register online . To do this, choose the «sign up» (subscribe). Then fill in the questionnaire indicate their data: country (country) – Ukraine; area – (region); city (citu / place) – specify the city closest to you from the list above; username – the name that will be used in the system for your identification; e-mail – e-mail address to receive news from that site: password – password access; full address – your full postal address to which messages are sent (in Latin).
Then choose the option «sign me up» – and now you are registered in the system;

– Choose the «send a postcard» (on a postcard) and get the address to which to send the card. This address will be sent to your e-mail. Also you get ID cards – ID (eg UA – 1374), which lets you find your card in the system;

– Send a postcard from the proposed address, specify the return address and ID-number. This will allow the recipient to register it online «postcrossing», that makes you the following, whose address will be published next postkroseru who wants to send a card. At the same time, you can send up to 5 cards. Once one of your cards will be registered by the recipient, you can send immediately following;

After receiving a postcard, you must register it in the system, selecting for this option «register apostcard».