Dear users!

Grouped lists f.103 for postal items can be formed in the Personal account. To log in / register in the Personal Account, follow the link.

If you are unable to use the online service, you can use our software.

To expedite the process of sending grouped mail and postal orders (lists p.103/p.103-1), clients should provide paper forms of documents together with information in electronic form when arranging shipments and transfers in the post office.

For clients who have their own software, in which the lists of f.103/f.103-1 are formed, the information in electronic form must be formed according to the requirements:

Customers who do not have their own software are encouraged to use the freeware software for forming lists f.103 (f.103-1) in paper and electronic formats for sending grouped mail and postal orders.

Excel template

To create an Excel template, you only need a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet editor (MS Excel 2003 or higher is required) and a Microsoft Word text editor (MS Word 2003 or higher is required) for Microsoft Windows operating systems.

Due to the need to ensure an appropriate level of information security when interacting, in particular with web-resources, measures were taken to update the certificate to a level that makes it impossible to compromise such interaction, to the key length of the hashing algorithm 256 bits (previously 128 bits). Windows 7 or later must be used to ensure proper operation.

Let’s Encrypt has updated the root certificate. To work correctly with Ukrposhta resources, you need to add a new certificate to the list of trusted root certificates.

Functionality: forming lists 103 for mail (registered letters) in Ukraine and abroad, preparation for printing the address data of the sender and recipient on envelopes.

Attention new users!

Before you start working with a template (both for letters and for postal transfers), be sure to do the following.

  1. Extract the contents of the template archive to any directory on your computer.
  2. Configure MS Excel according to your version of your MS Office suite, which is described in detail in the Microsoft Excel 2003, 2007, 2010/2013/2016, configuration section of the Readme.doc manual (archived with the template).

To the attention of users of the Excel template!

Download the updated XLS file to your PC and copy it to the same directory as the previous file.

Functionality: forming lists f.103 for postal orders in Ukraine and abroad.

ARM VZ Software

The ARM VZ software (corporate client module) must be installed on the Microsoft Windows operating system (Windows XP, Windows 7).


  • forming lists f.103 (f.103-1) for forwarding grouped postal items and postal transfers;
  • formation, printing of accompanying documents to postal items, postal orders (accompanying addresses to parcels, message f. 119, post-payment transfer f.115а);
  • formation of subscription orders for periodicals.
    • For users of the workstation “AWS PO” (corporate client module) version it is necessary to download the archive, unpack its contents and install two configurations.

      To the attention of corporate clients who use the software of AS “AWS PO” (corporate client module)

      We strongly recommend updating the software of AS “AWS PO” (corporate client module) to the latest version. Updates for the module below version 41.XX are not supported.

      To upgrade to the new version, install Firebird 3.0 and the new “AWS PO” corporate client module (steps 2-4 of the instructions for upgrading to Firebird 3.0), adjust settings and get started.

      If you need to save and transfer existing data, convert the current and archive (if necessary) databases according to the instructions for switching to Firebird 3.0.

      For more information on software installation and operation, contact to contact center or corporate client manager.

      Please, pay attention!

      For the correct functioning of the software of ARM VZ (corporate client module), it is necessary to make timely changes to the software (section “Updates for ARM VZ (corporate client module)”.