Tariffs for international items

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Marginal tariffs (USD *)

Weight (g)

more — up to and including

Combined delivery Air delivery
до 20 1,00 1,00
up to 50 g inclusive 1,50 2,50
over 50 to 250 g 3,00 4,00
over 250 to 1000 g 11,00 13,00
over 1000 to 2000 g 17,00 19,00
Postal wrapper
0 — 250 3,00 4,00
250 — 1000 11,00 13,00
1000 — 2000 17,00 19,00

next 1000

(complete and incomplete)

8,50 9,50
Surcharge for declared value items
This surcharge is levied from each declared value item along with the mass charge ** 2,50
By the declared value of the postal item from the amount of the declared value in UAH in excess of the mass charge; %, but not less than 1 USD 0,50
Surcharge for custom shipment
For each registered item in excess of the weight charge (postal card, letter, postal wrapper) 2,00
Additional services for the delivery of items to foreign countries
Notification of receipt 1,50
Delivery by courier to the destination country or delivery by courier and notification about delivering of the item 2,30
Handing over registered 0,23
For an application for return to the sender or change/correction of the address 2,00
Postal remittance (upon receipt of post-pay items from abroad)
Remittance amount (UAH), more — up to and including % of the remittance amount
0 — 500 6,0%
500 — 1000 5,0%
1000 — 2000 4,0%
more than 2 000, but not less than 1 USD 2,0%

Calculation formula

Tariff for the weight category of the corresponding zone + $2 for the track number


Air delivery in the USA

Shipment type — parcel weighing 0.8 kg

Tariff for the weight category — $13

Custom Shipment (Tracking) — $ 2

Total cost (without discount): $13 + $ 2.0 = $15

* Payment shall be made in the national currency of Ukraine. The amount of payment is determined using the hryvnia exchange rate to foreign currency, which is set by the National Bank of Ukraine on the date the service is provided.

Marginal tariffs for universal postal services were approved by the decision of the National Commission implementing state regulation in the field of communications and information, dated August 7, 2018 No. 414 and registered with the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine of August 31, 2018 under No. 987/32439, come into force on 01.01.2019.

Tariffs are valid throughout Ukraine, with the exception of the temporarily occupied territories and territories in which state authorities do not temporarily exercise their powers or do not fully implement them.

** For each shipment with declared value in excess of the mass fee according to the Maximum Tariffs for universal postal services for sending letters