Tariffs for international items (small packages)

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Marginal tariffs* (USD **)

Weight (g)

more — up to and including

Zone 1 Zone 2 Zone 3
Combined delivery Air delivery Combined delivery Air delivery Combined delivery Air delivery
0 — 250 5,34 6,66 7,18 7,18 9,41 9,41
250 — 500 10,29 12,93 14,08 14,08 20,75 20,75
500 — 1000 15,57 18,21 19,60 19,60 27,47 27,47
1000 — 2000 22,17 23,49 25,12 25,12 34,19 34,19

Small packages shall be sent to foreign countries only as recommended. Payment for tracking the shipment is required. Customers who send the international items by using the API receive additional discounts that they can check either in their personal account on the Ukrposhta website or via the mobile application.

Grouping of countries by tariff zones

Additional services for the delivery of items to foreign countries
Notification of receipt of registered mailing, declared value, parcel, small package 1,50
Delivery by courier to the destination country of outgoing items, parcels (optional from the sender) or delivery by courier and notification about delivering of the item 2,30
Handing over registered item, items with declared value 0,23
For an application for return to the sender of the item, postal order or change/correction of the address 2,00
Express delivery to the USA, by air (available at registration through API or through personal account) 1,00

Calculation formula

Tariff for the weight category of the respective zone


Air delivery of small package to the USA (Zone 2)

Type of shipment is a small package weighing 0.2 kg

Total cost (without discount): 7.18$

* Taking into account the part of the tariff for sending items within the territory of Ukraine, which is subject to VAT.

** Payment shall be made in the national currency of Ukraine. The amount of payment is determined using the hryvnia exchange rate to foreign currency, which is set by the National Bank of Ukraine on the date the service is provided.

Tariffs are valid throughout Ukraine, with the exception of the temporarily occupied territories and territories in which state authorities do not temporarily exercise their powers or do not fully implement them.

Customers who draw up international shipments using the API of JSC “Ukrposhta” or through a personal account receive a discount of 3% of the current tariffs on small packages and parcels during the promotion period from 01.01.2021 to 31.12.2021.