Ukrposhta transported unprecedented 7 million kg of international mail in 2017

Ukrposhta continues to reflect on its mind-blowing 2017 results. In 2017, the company delivered 5.9 million kg of import and export postal items, reinforcing its leadership in the dynamic international logistics segment, what’s more, Ukrposhta handled 1 million kg of transit mail. For greater perspective: the volume of international mail handled by Ukrposhta in 2017 could fill up 28 Ukrainian-made airlift cargo aircrafts An-225 Mriya.
Unlike most postal operators in the region that tend to focus on the development of import (in particular inbound Chinese traffic), Ukrposhta relies on equally active expansion in three international domains: export, import and transit.
As for import, most mail volumes in 2017 came from China, the Netherlands (as a transit hub), Israel and the USA. Asia remained Ukrposhta’s key import region in 2017. It was a year of renewal of Ukrposhta’s collaboration with AliExpress in increasing the volumes. The two companies launched a joint flagship product, AliExpress Saver Shipping, for goods up to $5, combining an attractive rate with partial tracking: when delivered to a post office and picked up by the customer. This product is an alternative to untrackable mail, increasingly avoided by global e-commerce players. Ukrposhta’s volumes of ePacket, the product developed together with China Post EMS unit for faster delivery, almost tripled in 2017.
Last year Ukrposhta launched new products for the Chinese market. Together with major players, including AliExpress, we are shifting from untrackable delivery to assigning tracking numbers to most items, while keeping the service profitable”, – said Oleksandr Pertsovskyi, First Deputy Director General of Ukrposhta in charge of the international business operations.
The structure of the import flow is changing: more and more items have a tracking option and shorter transit times. We adjust our information systems and operational infrastructure accordingly. Customer comfort is our priority: in 2017 we launched an E2E tracking system on Ukrposhta’s website providing information from posting to delivery in the destination country. International items can now be tracked on the website, in Ukrposhta’s mobile application and through chat bots in all popular messengers, for 133 countries for letter mail (letters/ small packages) and for 168 countries for parcels”, – added Mr. Pertsovskyi.
Export through Ukrposhta in 2017 increased by 34% compared to 2016. Key export countries to which Ukrposhta delivered mail in 2017 were the USA, Israel, Canada, and the United Kingdom.
Ukrposhta signed bilateral cooperation agreements with Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Latvia, Moldova, Georgia and Azerbaijan to boost e-commerce export from Ukrainian manufacturers to these countries, where goods from Ukraine are in high demand. Ukrposhta expanded its popular free educational project for Ukrainian entrepreneurs, E-Export School by Ukrposhta, launched in November 2016 and helping hundreds of Ukrainian entrepreneurs enter new markets.
In 2017 Ukrposhta expanded its cooperation with DHL Express Ukraine and now in five largest cities of Ukraine post offices accept, in addition to documents, international express items containing goods. As a leader in international delivery, Ukrposhta continues to actively develop this promising segment.
For exporters we are actively developing “My Account” section on our portal, where all customs declarations can be prepared online and bonuses can be accumulated. We have created a support service for Ukrainian exporters on Ukrposhta’s official Facebook page. We are also upgrading equipment at our offices of international postal exchange and sorting centres: for example, Ukrposhta is investing in modern X-ray units and CCTV systems to speed up the handling of international mail and to improve security”, – added Oleksandr Pertsovskyi.
Ukrposhta was one of the first posts to test a new way of transmitting customs data for postal items and signed a bilateral data sharing agreement with the US national post, USPS. And at the beginning of 2018 Ukrposhta joined the multilateral UPU agreement on the exchange of customs data, also signed by 39 advanced countries.
In 2017 Ukrposhta was working hard on developing the transit of mail via Ukraine. Thanks to its strategic partnership with Ukraine International Airlines (UIA), Ukrposhta handled more than one million kg of transit mail, which is three times more than in 2016. Ukrposhta also intensified its cooperation with airlines that carry Ukrposhta’s mail to other countries. In addition to the existing key partnership with UIA, Ukrposhta gained new cooperation opportunities with KLM, Belavia, AirBaltic and started working with other leading airlines such as Lufthansa, Turkish Airlines, Silk Way, expanding the geography of direct connections from Ukraine to 77 key countries. Every day Ukrposhta loads 40–60 flights and, as part of the global network of 192 designated postal operators, delivers mail to 230 countries and selected regions.
Oleksandr Pertsovskyi also noted that Ukrposhta had successfully undergone the Universal Postal Union process review performed by experts from the UPU, PostEurop and national postal operators of Denmark and Poland. Together with the process review team, a roadmap for the development of international operations of Ukrposhta was drafted, covering such milestones as the introduction of IPS automated system, which will simplify and speed up settlements with other posts and the customs clearance of Ukrainian parcels, will improve the quality of the transmission of information about the statuses of postal items to other countries. This will result in the overall improvement of services provided to customers, both exporters and importers.