Tender for the modernization of Ukrposhta’s logistics network with the support of the EIB launched

Ukrposhta and the European Investment Bank (EIB) are launching a new phase of modernization of the Ukrposhta logistics network. The project covers the restructuring of the Ukrposhta logistics system and the construction of a new updated one that would cope with the current demands. The EIB – which became a project partner – has launched a tender to engage international consultants to implement this ambitious project.

“As the legacy of the Soviet post, we received huge areas of sorting centers, which in most regions are located in the center of the cities – in order to be sorted the mail is waiting in traffic jams of large cities, and then goes to the recipients. In addition, we have to keep all these premises, and they, to put it mildly, are not in a very satisfactory condition. Now we plan to replace 35 sorting centers by 5-7 in the framework of Ukrposhta five-year transformation strategy “- noted Ukrposhta Acting Director General Igor Smelyansky.

He added that for the large-scale restructuring the company already invests its own funds – we have already started to build a sorting center in Lviv. And Ukrposhta also attracts international investors.

“It is for the development of several options for a new logistics network and the location of new sorting centers that the technical assistance from the EIB is provided. Thanks to this financial institution we will continue to upgrade the infrastructure. Such changes will help us to process and deliver the parcels of our customers faster, “- said the Director of the company.

In accordance with the conditions of the EIB tender, several options of the new network structure should be developed. The estimated total cost of the technical assistance from the European Investment Bank (EIB) without VAT amounts to 400 thousand euro. Companies should apply for participation by June 18 and submit tender offers – by July 2.

“Possible scenarios for the new Ukrposhta network will be simulated using the appropriate postal logistics optimization software. The tenderers should clearly identify it in their proposals and include in them detailed information about the software tools they plan to deploy, “said Ukrposhta First Deputy Director General Oleksandr Pertsovskyi.

For more details about the conditions of participation in the tender go to link.

Upon completion of the project an investment case will be created which can be funded by the European Investment Bank, along with other international organizations.

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Public Joint Stock Company “Ukrposhta”

The national postal operator PJSC “Ukrposhta” represents Ukraine in the Universal Postal Union (UPU) since 1947. It provides international mail air and ground exchange with all countries of the world, including 192 UPU member states.
Ukrposhta annually delivers more than 200 million domestic and international postal items. The network of post offices of Ukrposhta (11 500) is the largest in Ukraine. The company – the third employer in the country – has 72 000 employees, of which about 32 000 postmen.
In July 2016, the process of transformation of Ukrposhta started and key areas of activity in accordance with the company’s development strategy were identified – postal items, financial services and retail trade, with special attention being paid to the development of e-commerce.