How to order your own stamp:

To order your own stamp in the department, should be given in the order form in duplicate and the desired image in electronic form, or e-mail. Along with the form you need to provide proof of identity of the customer (passport, military ID, driver’s license, etc.). When ordering in the site “own stamp” you can use our studio.

Order a personalized stamp “own stamp” may be:

  • In person at the station “own stamp” Kyiv City Directorate Ukrposhta (street Khreschatyk, 22, Kyiv-1, 01001 tel. 044 278 57 78) or other postal facilities;
  • By mail: send your request to the site “own brand” of Kyiv City Directorate Ukrposhta (street Khreschatyk, 22, Kyiv-1, 01001);
  • Order online postage personalized “own stamp”.

Order form (copy of the form to print)

Get your “own stamp” you can in the following ways:

  • In the section “own stamp” in selected postal facilities;
  • By post insured shipping to the cost of delivery of departure
  • Express delivery.

Requirements for the picture:

Requirements: format tiff, jpeg, jpg, psd, ai, eps,> 300 dpi.

On coupons personalized stamp “own stamp” can be drawn:

  • Personal photos;
  • Photo of your relatives, friends;
  • Logo or trademark.

It is forbidden to put sayings and images:

  • Political;
  • Conflicting ethics, laws of Ukraine;
  • Containing a threat to national sovereignty and territorial integrity.

Conditions of manufacture of “own stamp”:

Manufacture and delivery of the order is between 1 to 14 business days of payment.

The responsibility for providing the image for it to vdrukivky coupons Mark sheet is the customer.

Part “own stamp” reserves the right to refuse certain images making an oral justification for such refusal.

Improperly designed or unpaid orders are not executed.

Additional services:

Simultaneously with the order to print images on the coupons “own stamp” you can order prints images on unmarked envelopes.

Example print unmarked envelope to “own stamp”: