Provision of postal services

1. Payment of compensation in case of failure or improper provision of postal services with international postal items
In case of failure or improper provision of international postal administration of the sender (recipient) may, within six months from the date of shipment to the shipping address in the order established by law to mail operator for proper guidance or help with a claim for compensation for his losses .
Postal service operators are liable to users of postal services (the sender or the addressee, as the case may be) in accordance with the rules of a refund, postal operators damages caused as a result of failure or improper provision of international postal items approved by the State Committee of Communications and Informatization of Ukraine 18.03.2003 № 50, registered at the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine on April 14, 2003, № 299/7620.
Compensation to be paid sender (recipient) no later than three months from the day following the day of application.
Reimbursement senders (recipients) in Ukraine made in the national currency of Ukraine.
2. Sharing international money orders between Ukraine and Poland?
Sharing international money orders between Ukraine and Poland on the basis of the Agreement on the exchange of money orders between Ukraine and Poland. By sending postal orders are accepted in all postal facilities.
By sending international money transfer from the sender charged according to the tariff (excluding VAT), depending on the amount:
Amount transferable Tariff
Up to 500 UAH 6%
More than 500 USD. to 1000 USD. 5%
More than 1000 USD. 4%
However, charges for shipping should not be less than UAH equivalent of U.S. $ 1.
The length of the international postal money through Ukraine – to 9 days (depending on the location and mode of object postal service).
In Ukraine, international money orders are accepted and paid in Ukrainian hryvnia, in Poland – in Polish zlotys.
3. How to find a postal item, or for the addressee?
In order to ascertain the location of registered mail (postal item that is accepted for transfer from the current issue of the sender acceptance and a receipt is given to the recipient) should contact the postal facility at the place of departure to the submission forwarded a statement on its wanted list.
The application can be represented as the sender and the recipient within six months from the date of the postal operator posting to transfer, while paying the appropriate fee (if registered postal item was applied to transfer without notification service).
The application must accompany the original or a copy of the current acceptance posting (till receipt, the estimated receipts, etc.) and indicate the type and category of posting, its number, place and date of forwarding, address of the sender and recipient, the way forward (air or ground), the list of attachments of mail. When applying to showing “manifest document certifying the identity of the applicant
Information on sending mailings please refer Ukrposhta (On-line Services heading “Tracking sending postal”) in the presence of thirteen parcel number (code identifier).